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About Bev Mccallum

Tri Circles

These 3 circles are a perfect depiction of how Bev sees herself teaching, empowering, inspiring, and growing passion for people. Bev’s way of inspiring others to education is infectious. She believes in spreading education out to other people, who in turn spread it to even more people, and on it grows. Through this process of sharing we can secure the knowledge, keeping people safe and progressing to better health and continually inspiring other people to keep their clients and students safe. Certification is so important because when Bev signs off that you understand the science of how the body works and how to progress it safely and effectively, she is essentially saying she would hire you and welcome you to her field. Certification – through knowledge and passion, keep the fitness instruction field protected and its participants safe and on their way to their healthiest body and mind.


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Bev was very inclusive and adaptable/flexible to the participants needs, never moved ahead until everyone was ready!- Alaine