Personalized nutrition for YOUR lifestyle

I need a change .. So now what?

Bev’s program has three key beliefs:

Knowledge! Lasting weight loss and good health starts when you understand WHY you need to eat the way nature intended

Balance! Directly influence your hormones, insulin production and body composition through food. Disease prevention will follow once your body is in Sync

Whole Foods! Eat a large variety of nutrient dense food that taste great and are readily available at the grocery store.

Anyone can teach me to eat right .. Why should I choose Bev?

As a Precision Nutrition & Wow Nutrition Certified coach Bev has spent years teaching both fitness and nutrition. Her track record in the industry speaks for itself.

Private & Group Based Coaching

Private Coaching opportunities exist for clients who are interested in one on one accountability, with a more tailored route for success. One on one clients receive daily or weekly support with focused attention on the issues that create barriers to their own healthy lifestyle. Group Based Coachingconsists of 8 weeks of nutrition seminars on a wide variety of pre-determined topics, followed by a 4 week exit plan.  Bev provides weekly food journal reviews and suggestions as well as answers any questions you may have.

No one diet is the same… no one diet works for everyone. 

Your Investment

Both Private coaching and group based coaching available!

Private Coaching: $40/hour plus tax

Group Based Coaching: $329 plus tax (subject to minimum registration)

Not sure which coaching opportunity fits for you? Give Bev a call for a free 30 minute consultation

Why Plain N’ Simple Nutrition?

Anyone that has had the pleasure of learning from Bev McCallum can speak to her passion and energy. Over the last 15 years, she has inspired participants of all ages to become more active and improve their quality of life with her supportive, engaging style.

Bev is enthusiastic about teaching REAL PEOPLE to eat REAL FOOD to obtain REAL and LASTING results.

Some Topics Include:

8 Weekly seminars will cover some of the following topics

  • Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Food Labels & Portion Size
  • GL vs GI
  • Hormones
  • Glycemic Index vs Load
  • Fiber and Gut Health
  • Good Fats V.S Bad Fats
  • Macronutrients

Education is power. Power leads to freedom from food. 

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