There are numerous benefits for an individual to become a certified fitness professional. Certification shows that you meet industry competency standards for being up-to-date and safe in your instruction. For a facility, having certified professionals boosts your credibility and protects you should someone get hurt. Staffing your facility with passionate, knowledgeable fitness professionals shows your community you mean business about fitness training! Bev McCallum, located in Dawson Creek yet happy to travel to locations throughout BC and Alberta, can come to your facility to offer your instructors professional, certified training.

The first step for fitness leaders is the Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)Fitness Knowledge (Fitness Theory) classroom course, which is the prerequisite to all CFES instructor courses and is the first step in becoming a nationally-certified. This course is also available for home study for those unable to attend classes.

Thousands of students have found the Fitness Knowledge course and resources to be learner friendly, academically credible, and very practical. You can also enrol in this course for your own personal health and fitness information. Upon completing this course successfully, you can participate in certification courses listed below.
Some of the courses and workshops Bev offers to fitness leaders:

CFES Weight Training Instructor
Group Fitness Instructor
Aquafit Instructor
Active Aging Instructor
Personal Trainer
• Workshops for land and aquatic instructors who seek to renew certification or simply be re-ignited in their passion for leading fitness classes

Upon completion of coursework and practicum components, leaders will be tested on their knowledge in such areas as muscle function and activation, skeletal system, planes of motion, proper movement patterns and movement analysis, exercise techniques, nutrition, equipment knowledge and much more! All courses and workshops are safe and fun for a wide range of intensity levels and fitness goals. Bev also teaches workshops in nutrition and general health and wellness knowledge.

Those who work out understand that methods of instruction and safety standards change continually. That is part of the reason obtaining certification is so important. Every person has a different body and ability level, and a certified trainer can work with up-to-date knowledge to inspire each person to set realistic and personalized fitness plans that are both fun and challenging. Plans that reduce the risk of injury and maximize the benefits of getting and staying fit!

n becoming a certified fitness professional, you will learn program planning, professional ethics, exercise analysis, safety and risk management, effective teaching tools, and strategies that will inspire your students to maximize their fitness potential. If you run a community centre or a facility and want to be known as having the best programs and top-notch instructors, getting the right certification is the answer.Host Bev McCallum or to get your fitness leaders certified and let your community know you take their fitness and well-being seriously. And have fun at the same time!

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