Bev McCallum is a fitness certification trainer in Dawson Creek, BC who believes in educating fitness leaders to inspire others in reaching optimal and realistic fitness goals. Because improving physical fitness is on the minds of most people at one time or another, there is so much potential for growth in the fitness field.

As an educator of fitness leaders, Bev firmly believes that knowledge/education is power, and she loves to share it rather than keep it to herself. Within this enthusiastic mantra is a reminder that the body of knowledge about physical fitness training continuously changes yet remains rooted in maximizing potential while staying physically safe!

Each person differs in age, fitness level and ability, and it is a certified trainer who has the up-to-date information on how to customize fitness plans that maintain the balance between keeping students safe while challenging them to the next level. This is why Bev is so strong in encouraging facilities and community centres to ensure their fitness leaders get educated and certified.

People Ask Bev McCallum About Her Three Circles Logo

Many people have asked Bev about the meaning behind her logo:the three connected circles distinctly reflecting growth from small to medium to large across a page or sign. Although Bev has big energy, she states that she, as the educator/facilitator is represented by the smallest circle. Perhaps the small circle might represent a seed.

Connected to the small circle, is the middle circle reflecting passion for fitness, education and people. As though the small seed had been planted and nourished with time, knowledge, theory, and some science regarding how to effectively and safely train the human body, the middle circle suggests healthy growth. The middle circle represents fully certified fitness professionals who understand the science of how the body works, and how to progress it safely and effectively. Their training and certification makes them stand out from well-intentioned but not certified trainers.

The third and largest circle, connected to the middle, becomes the educated public. A full blossoming takes place; a sharing of knowledge and safe techniques by certified professionals to help people help themselves. Whether people access a certified fitness instructor in the gym, group fitness studio, aquatic facility or a Seniors’ Centre, they are giving themselves a long-term gift of greater health and motivation.

Bev McCallum Fitness Certification truly believes that people are motivated by knowledge. And that if there is an openness at each phase of the Three Circles, all participants become “sharers” of knowledge who have the power to get others excited about fitness as a lifestyle rather than an end goal. You can peruse Bev’s photo gallery and educational articles to witness her passion for sharing her knowledge.

Bev McCallum invites you to “be a part of sharing the wealth about what the human body needs and how it responds. But let’s do this responsibly by getting certified.” For more information on upcoming fitness certification courses near you or your facility, please read through our Upcoming Courses. If your facility would like to host Bev McCallum Fitness Certification, Bev can come to you to offer your instructors professional, certified training that will maximize potential and secure the safety of all participants.