Bev McCallum offers Fitness Certification courses in Dawson Creek and in other remote northern communities in BC and Alberta. Bev is shouting out to all her students who dedicate their weekends in the classroom and in practicums to achieve the goal of becoming fully certified fitness professionals. While there seems to be a perception that these folks are weekend warriors, Bev challenges that perception by stating, “these students are people with passion and respect for education, health, and well-being as well as for certification.”

Fitness Certification Students Are Much More than Weekend Warriors

To break down what is involved in getting certified in the popular Canadian Fitness Education Services(CFES) Weight Trainer & Personal Trainer Courses, each student must successfully complete a rigorous program of study and practicum hours.

1. Between 94 and 98 classroom hours for Fitness Knowledge and Personal Trainer courses – Fitness Knowledge is a prerequisite 30-hour course for all certification courses.

2. Two practicums with Bev McCallum or another qualified Personal Trainer, one for the Weight Trainer segment and one for the Personal Trainer segment, ranging from 42 to 60 hours in total.

3. Time invested in completing numerous assignments and studying for exams.

4. Three open book exams, and a final closed book exam in both the Weight Trainer segment and the Personal Trainer segment, both of which exams require 80 percent to pass.

Some of the other certification courses Bev McCallum offers include Aquatic Fitness Certification Group Fitness Certification, and Fitness for Older Adults. The 30-hour Fitness Knowledge prerequisite course is the first step, and this is followed by 28 to 32 hours in the classroom, and completed by 12 to 20 hours of practicum time and exams.

A heartycongratulations goes out to the dedicated women and menwho care enough to learn all they can before committing to help others on their pursuit to becoming healthier. Each member of the public deserves to have fully certified and insured fitness leaders and facilities in their community. And on the flip side, it is clearly a huge commitment that students make to their communities by following through with Fitness Certification training!

What Bev McCallum Certification to the Fitness Pros Has Been Up To In 2018

• In the spring, Bev was in Fort Nelson, BC facilitating an Aquatic workshop and Personal Trainer course.
• Also in the spring, Bev facilitated an Aquatics fitness course in Tumbler Ridge, BC.
• Between June and August, Bev taught a summer school Fitness Knowledge course.
• Now as 2018 comes to a close, Bev is wrapping up a Weight Trainer/Personal Trainer Combo Certificate course in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, BC.

Come join in the fun and educational Fitness Certification courses with Bev McCallum in various communities throughout northern BC and Alberta. If you run a facility in your community and would like to host Bev to offer courses, drop a line or call! Renew credits, re-certify, or simply reignite your passion for fitness with a truly inspiring fitness leader!

Bev is amazing, I am more knowledgeable and totally confident in my instructing skills.- Joanne