If you’re a fitness trainer or a gym owner who is looking to certify yourself or your gym’s trainers to properly provide exercise for older adults, then Bev McCallum is the person to look to for fitness certification courses! With more than 18 years of fitness experience, Bev has been certifying the pros in locations like Fort St. John for the past 8 years so that they can inspire their own communities to become more active. With her well-known supportive and engaging style, she recently completed a Fitness for Older Adults course at the Pomeroy Sports Centre in Fort St John. Now there are even more certified trainers in the city who are certified to lead courses in their community!

During this course Bev trained students to better serve the older population in Fort St John’s gyms and fitness centres. The course covered topics including the aging process, changes in physiological systems, older adult common health challenges, guidelines and principles of physical activity, leadership, communication, program developement, and more. Students in this course had already taken their Fitness Knowledge certification course as well as either Group or Aquatic Fitness certifications. After four days of intense training in the Pomeroy Sports Centre, they were certified!

Fort St John Benefits from Fitness Instructor Courses for Older Adults

With a new batch of trainers certified and able to provide services to older adults, gyms and fitness centres in Fort St John will be able to be more welcoming and supportive of these individuals when they come out to exercise. The cities gyms will be safer places with more support than ever before! So whether you’re visiting the Pomeroy Sports Centre, the North Peace Leisure Pool, Good Life Fitness, Gators Gym, or any other centre in the city, you can be even more certain that there’s support for older adults.

While we’re talking about benefits to community gyms and fitness centres, let’s consider the benefits of having a fitness instructor course for older adults by Bev McCallum hosted in your gym:
-Your location gains a reputation of being a place where correct practices are taught
-The existing certifications of your staff become even more appreciated
-Students from your location gain valuable knowledge about fitness for older adults
-You can provide more classes for the older adults in your area, which helps get more people in your community exercising

Thank You to the Pomeroy Sports Centre

A big thank you to the Pomeroy Sports Centre and the City of Fort St John for hosting Bev. The facility is beautiful with some incredible features! Bev was honoured to join the Centre in promoting community and personal wellness in the city. She looks forward to returning again!

Bev’s Next Fitness Instructor Certification Course

The next certification course is a weight trainer and personal trainer combo course in Dawson Creek. If you’re interested in becoming a Personal Trainer then this course is for you! The Weight Trainer certification course is a prerequisite to the Personal Trainer certification course – so why not do them both at once? Keep watch on the Weight Trainer and Personal Trainer pages of Bev’s Courses page to get more information!

Bev McCallum is a dynamic and passionate fitness professional who is eager to teach trainers how to better serve the exercise needs of their communities. Contact her to learn more about the courses she offers or to host her at your gym!

Bev was very inclusive and adaptable/flexible to the participants needs, never moved ahead until everyone was ready!- Alaine