For over 10 years, fitness certification trainer Bev McCallum has facilitated instructor courses for Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES). Based in Dawson Creek, BC, McCallum spent this time traveling throughout BC and Alberta to certify over 100 passionate people as employable fitness instructors. Maximizing her own potential, she has completed all the necessary components to also offer British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) certification. Follow your passion to become a certified weight trainer, personal trainer, group fitness leader, active aging instructor or aquatic instructor through Bev McCallum’s CFES and BCRPA fitness certification courses online or in person at facilities throughout northern BC and Alberta.

Why Certify?

Knowledge and understanding of human physiology, physical fitness and how the body reacts to physical exertion is integral to ensure safety during exercise. While a fitness instructor may be able to glean all this information on their own, it is also important to reinforce this knowledge through fitness certification as it ensures validity and keeps you up-to-date showing your clients that you are current with safety and trends in training. In other words, in part, certification helps ensure you have the skills to keep your clients safe by avoiding injuries. Specifically, fitness certification courses also help to hone your abilities by teaching you movement analysis, proper training principals and application, energy systems, how to design and progress exercise regimes and much more.

Fitness certification provides the following:

• Enables you to get insurance.
• Helps you to remain current with developments in physiology from injury to new and more efficient/effective training techniques.
• Helps you to develop professional relationships and associations.
• Exhibits to peers and clients, that you take fitness training seriously and are committed to safely and effectively train individuals and help them reach their goals using a personalized and innovative workout routine.

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Certification

A non-profit organization, BCRPA provides leadership, training and support to ensure health and physical activity priorities are met. It does so by offering recreational activities, cultural programs and access to facilities, parks and other services. Working alongside its many stakeholders – including local and senior governments, non-profit and community organizations, industry associations, the private sector, the fitness industry, volunteers and academia – the BCRPA supports engagement in physical activity, an improvement of physical literacy as well as health and wellbeing, increased access to nature, enhanced participation in sport as well as active aging. The BCRPA owns and operates over 396 indoor recreation facilities across British Columbia and boasts 90% inclusion through membership of local BC governments.

The BCRPA Fitness Registration Program identifies and promotes the “highest professional standards for fitness leaders in BC” and is recognized as ‘the’ standard to measure the qualifications of fitness leaders in BC. The BCRPA is widely regarded as the regulatory body for fitness professionals throughout BC. 

Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)

Providing educational resources, fitness leadership training and national certification, the CFES is committed to enhancing the fitness knowledge and activity effectiveness of individuals through quality career programs, products and services.

The CFES provides you with consistent and comprehensive fitness education, leadership advancement and programing; all of which makes you a highly employable fitness leader through certification.

CFES certification offers:

• Comprehensive, academically credible and practical fitness leadership certification standards.
• A national network of fitness professionals.
• The chance to advance fitness career credentials.

Fitness Certification Courses with Bev McCallum

Obtaining a fitness instructor certification is an integral step toward becoming, and maintaining your role as, a credible and successful fitness instructor. As a fitness certification instructor for British Columbia and Alberta, Bev McCallum can be hosted at your facility to offer you and/or your fitness leader professionals, fitness certification courses and thus help maximize the potential and secure the safety of all your classes and participants. Contact Bev McCallum today to “keep the fitness instruction field protected and its participants safe on their way to their healthiest body and mind” through her teachings in BCRPA and CFES fitness certification.

Bev was very inclusive and adaptable/flexible to the participants needs, never moved ahead until everyone was ready!- Alaine