Anyone that has had the pleasure of training with and learning from Bev McCallum can speak to her passing passion and energy over the last 18 years. She has inspired participants of all ages to become more active and improve their quality of life with her supportive engaging style. Her passion, paired with a solid background in health and fitness knowledge equates to dynamic fitness professional that has inspired many instructors to start their own journey. When Bev is not teaching fitness classes she’s spends time igniting that same passion for Fitness Knowledge in others. Throughout the year Bev travels from her hometown Dawson Creek to train and certify fitness professionals in Group and Aquatic instruction, Older Adults, Weight and Personal training instruction. Bev provides workshops in nutrition and general health and wellness knowledge. Taking the role of being both an educator and class instructor seriously, teaching others how to move an exercise properly is a huge responsibility. This field demands that you have an extensive upfront knowledge and commitment to life long learning, as we continue to learn more about the body and how it moves every day.

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I Loved Bev’s upbeat attitude and her passion for the fitness industry. Her knowledge about it all is very encouraging, when asking for any type of help she knows how to explain in many different forms.- Michele