TIME:  8:30 AM to 4:30 pm

COST:  $250.00 + Manuals (76.00)

This course is designated to teach foundation knowledge and instructor skills to successfully complete CFES Group Fitness Instructor certification. You will be able to lead a basic group fitness exercise class.
course content includes 
How to create a safe and caring atmosphere, exercise ideas and techniques with free weights, the step,  resistance bands and stability balls. Maximize the use of space, group formation and choreography along with cueing and working with music. How to teach a hi/low impact group exercises, aerobic classes, circuit classes, and the use of equipment.
Open up a new opportunity for yourself  leap into a new career an love it. You will learn so much in this course you will kick your confidence into high gear in a safe and supportive setting.

This course offers a separate practicum TBA 8:30-4:30pm  Investment TBD ( depending on # of registrations)
the Practicum  is not included in this course but is recommend as 12 practicum hours are required to meet certification requirements