DATES:  Anytime

LOCATION:  At your home

TIME:  At your convenience

COST:  $250.00

Keep seeing Fitness Knowledge  or its equivilant, wondering how to get it with out waiting for a course to come up

Fitness Knowledge is the first step in your career whether it may be a full time or part time.   This course now has a home study version, allowing you to work on it at your own pace, so that you can be ready to take the next Certification course in your career path. 

You will work chapter by chapter thru the manual and workbook, emailing in finished quizzes for marking.  With guidance and help only an Email away.  Also included is a helpful set of DVD’s to lend a hand with the tougher chapters.

Topics include 
Skeletal System, Muscular system, Muscle Structure and function, Principals of Human movement, Energy systems, Training Prinicpals, and Program design , Cardio, Resistance training, Nutrtion and more 

Investment $320.00

Payable  E Transfer to [email protected]

Start your career in the Fitness Industry TODAY!