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Nutrition Workshop

Nutrition Workshop

This 3 hour workshop is excellent for the person that is just needs to know “how do I get a fresh start?” or for someone who needs a little refresher on what they already know.

Topics include

The 3 macronutrients:

Portion size


GL vs GI

How to achieve long lasting weight loss

The session is perfect  for anyone that is interested in the Bev’s  Plain 'N Simple nutrition  program, but needs a little more info before they commit.

Bev also offers this as a workshop for a work setting. She will work with the group to teach valuable life changing education and then leave them set up to be accountable to each other.


Group setting i.e. office groups, church groups, Tops,etc. $195.00 for the workshop
$40.00/person (min.number of people required)

Put yourself on the next upcoming scheduled workshop (email link)

This course can be done in person or via teleconference or live chat (ie. Skype)

Bev was very inclusive and adaptable/flexible to the participants needs, never moved ahead until everyone was ready!- Alaine