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Self-Care Over the Winter - Back in Action for Spring

Bev McCallum Certification to the Fitness Pros of Dawson Creek, BC offers fitness certification courses and workshops to individuals and groups throughout northern BC. I am checking in with this blog about self-care and upcoming fitness certification courses I will be teaching in various northern communities over the next few months.

Typically, I try to slow down and take a break from teaching from mid-December to February for some R&R, a little volunteer service, a little refueling both for my heart and my brain. This requires me to be strong about self-care and to say “no” to taking on new things. Those of us who give all of ourselves to others (most times way before we give to us), may get run down, run dry, and lose passion for what we love!

Self-Care Is About Listening to the Inner Need to Slow Down for Awhile

The important thing for me is to recognize this need to hunker down, to take a break and to take my own advice by investing time and energy in self-care. If you are like me, you know this, but it is sometimes a hard sell in a go-go-go lifestyle. Picking and choosing what to do, running the risk of having to say “no” to someone or something is hard for most of us.

But what I am learning is, if I want to be 100 percent at what I am doing, whether it’s teaching a senior class, presenting on the need for fibre in a nutritional workshop, or certifying a group of very passionate fitness professionals to help change the stats of how many people enjoying working out, I need to be 100 percent! In order to get there, I need to be able to say, “I am busy looking after myself so I can be better for you!”  Well, this year I took it easy until the end of March, and it was complete bliss!

Recharged and Stoked about Upcoming Spring Fitness Certification Courses

Now I am super charged and super stoked for my spring line up. From a solid, rejuvenated place, I get to do what I love – and that is teaching and certifying passionate, caring, and knowledgeable people as fitness leaders. I am back in top form and excited for my travels throughout northern BC.

Group Fitness Instructor Course March 30 & 31, April 6 & 7 in Fort St. John

First stop is Fort St John. Group Fitness Instructor course (Yikes, this is a heck of a course to come out of semi-retirement to - I hope I stayed in good enough shape this winter…) I will be teaching people who get energized off the group setting how to lead a safe, effective group class.

Fitness for Older Adults Course, April 27 – 29 in Tumbler Ridge

Then I am off to Tumbler Ridge to do a Fitness for Older Adults course. (this course is secretly becoming one of my favourites). This one will be the first time that we do an Aquatic as well as a land practicum. I am so excited to be able to have my practicum in the water, and including classes such as Intro to deep water and water walking. This will involve pulling out some props so my students can experience some of the diseases that affect our Older Adults.

Fitness for Older Adults Course, May 27 – 30 in Fort Nelson

After that I am taking the Older Adults course to Fort Nelson. They too have opted for an Aquatic and a land practicum. I have a feeling there are going to be some very fit seniors up here in northern BC, and nothing makes me happier.

Weight Trainer/Personal Trainer Combo Course, June 13 – 23 in Terrace

Finally, before summer holidays begin, I will be in Terrace BC teaching a Weight Trainer/Personal Trainer Combo course. It will be exciting to teach and certify some very hard-working people committed to helping others achieve their fitness and weight training goals in the community they love. These folks will make a huge difference in their local gym, by learning and then teaching how to effectively write a program and train your body to get results and stay safe. 

So glad I looked after myself, and now I can confidently give to others from a place of strength and enthusiasm! Sometimes saying, “I need to carve out some time for me and my loved ones” is the best gift you can give to yourself and others. Contact Bev to find out more about getting certified as a Fitness Instructor.

Bev is amazing, I am more knowledgeable and totally confident in my instructing skills.- Joanne